Why are CCTV Cameras Important?

Burglars are opportunists.  They may start arriving in your neighborhood. They will take a quick trip around the place. Doors without dead locks; windows and skylights without locks; and of course, the houses with no CCTV will all be noticed. They will be back, jimmy the front door, and your house will be broken into. 

You have to make it as difficult as possible for them to get in. CCTV cameras would deter them. Even with a disguise, the police may have enough evidence to track them down. Also, local gangs or kids will think twice about entering your front garden or property if they see that you have installed surveillance cameras.  For commercial premises, warehouses and workshops, cameras would be an essential for preventing theft. 

For anybody living in Temecula, CA there is the option of contacting Temecula Locksmith.  We can provide a comprehensive service. We will identify the high risk and “blind” areas where camera surveillance is really needed. These are often the spots that thieves head for if they want to gain entry to a commercial or residential property.  There are a variety of different options available. There are still analogue systems, which use analog cameras that send signals through a coaxial cable to a digital video recorder and a monitor. IP cameras are networked and fed to the web.

Added Security for Your Home

There is also a hybrid system, which allows for additional analogue CCTV Cameras to a system.  For a business, there could be another benefit. There may be less need for security staff supervising a building if camera systems are doing this work.  They will help you quickly recoup any initial costs. A good security company will also make sure that your camera surveillance systems are constantly maintained and updated.  You will need a comprehensive overview of all security issues. This can be provided by Activity Locksmith. 

A standard Yale type lock, sitting at the center of your front door, is an open invitation for a bugler to come in.  These can easily be levered out. Dead locks, placed some way on either side, make getting in this way pretty impossible. The cylinder inside the lock would have to be rotated. Sliding and veranda doors are another weak area often over looked. A simple catch would easily be broken. As such, a more robust catch should be added.  Locks are needed at the bottom of the frame. A key handled lock should also be used.  Side doors, windows, and back kitchen doors need robust locking systems. If you have an “old style” garage, this, too, could provide an easy opportunity.  For commercial premises, total protection should also be important.  Any outhouse or yard could be a way in for a thief.

CCTV Services from Activity Locksmith

If you want advice about updating and improving your overall security and surveillance systems, do not hesitate to get in touch with a reliable locksmith in Temecula CA for help and guidance. If you are a residential home owner, an expert technician will quickly come round. Repairs to doors and windows will be made.  New and improved locks can be fitted.  There is possibly a need for an electronic locking system that can be centrally controlled.

For commercial premises, a 24/7 service is available. All costs will be upfront.  There will be no hidden charges. Again, electronic systems could be installed. The whole point is to make it as difficult as possible for any potential thief to enter your home or business. For both home owners and those who run businesses, updating your security may help bring your home and property insurance down. In addition, it is not only your home but your car that could sometimes be at risk.  A side window may be smashed and the ignition system wrecked. 

With our company, help will come to you very quickly and professional repair is undertaken.  Routine maintenance can also be arranged for both your home and a commercial security system. This includes checking for rust in door locks, loose door bolts, and damaged or worn door handles.  None of these should be overlooked, as they will cause problems.

Traditional job of the locksmith

It is not only CCTV cameras that are dealt with. The traditional job of the locksmith has been working with keys.  These can be lost keys, duplicate keys, keys broken off in locks, and worn keys. The only difference now is that there is a much wider range of modern keys on the market. None of these will present a problem. Traditional methods such as cutting keys from blanks are still used. Punch machines are also used. The two sided key is now quite common, with a different pattern on either side. There are also four sided keys. No matter how complex these are, our locksmith technicians can replace or duplicate them.

Car transponder keys use circuits placed inside the key. This is “recognized” by the car’s ignition system. These, too, can be replaced or reprogrammed if necessary. There is little point in having a very sophisticated locking system if there is a weakness elsewhere. This could be only one lock on a front door or a sky light being left invitingly open at the top of the house.If you are locked out, then an experienced locksmith will get to you.   This applies to your home, your motor vehicle or your safe. Our services are available 24/7, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us now.