Locksmith FAQ

What is the work of a locksmith and what are the kinds of services they present?

Locksmith Metro Lockout works on a wide variety jobs that are relate to key and lock systems, safes as well as other safety tools for your valuable items and belongings. The usual requested jobs are those emergency related. Lockouts, rekeying, repair of keys and locks and duplication of locks as well. However, this is not the end as locksmiths also offers services related to commercial safes, electronics and safety installations and all those related to safety of your offices, homes, safes and some properties.

What are the rekeying services offered by a locksmith?

Usually, it is the process of replacing of the pins on a existing lock cylinder to allow the fitting as well as the working of the new keys. The past and old key will never be longer work after the process of rekeying.

When is the right time and why should I rekey my home or my office locks?

The following are the instance that will prove that you need one:

Whenever you experience any of the listed above scenarios, then you need to consider having a total re-keying of your property.

Is it probable to have the same key for all of my locks?

Certainly it is. It is possible if the brand of all your locks is similar. You need to verify when the common keys will go inside all of the locks, even though it does not turn open. It could be done in this circumstance. However, if this will not occur, then the best possible option is to have and buy a new lock of the similar kind to have a common key.

What should I do if I lost my keys?

The key here is to call an expert Metro Lockout Locksmith service right away. They are the only person that is able to make new keys for you for the majority of the locks that include all kinds from home, automobile, business as well as other locks systems.

Is it possible to cut a key through the code numbers?

Of course it is. Most of the times, keys could be crafted by locksmith coming from a code number of the lock. This is probable for the code of locks of cabinets, padlocks, vehicles, and many more systems. However, a proof of ownership is necessary as a security process.

Do I need to go to my delayer to have a copy of the keys that have in built security?

Not at all times, you can contact Metro Lockout who can help you in this manner. You will need some details like the number of your car model.

Do you offer emergency services?

Yes we are. Metro Lockout Locksmith is sought-after for our 25/7 emergency locksmith service.


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