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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important that I should employ a prominent locksmith company?

Expert and professional locksmith bring quality experience and they are packed with intelligence about safe, lock and security problems. They are ideal to solve tricky security issues for your home, business and vehicles. Hiring an expert locksmith can propose first-rate products that are effective and can give efficient solution to your problem

Can I make a duplicate of my key even if it is marked with “Do Not Duplicate”?

Keys that are labeled with “Do not copy”, “Do not duplicate” and “Unlawful to Copy” can still be duplicated only if a letter of authorization is presented from the rightful supervisor or owner to request key duplication. The letter must consist of the type of key to be duplicated and the letter must be on company letterhead. The letter should also exhibit the person who will pick up the keys, the name and the contact number of the person sending the letter and the number of keys must also be indicated. The individual who will pick up the duplicated keys will also complete a “Request for Restricted Keys” form.

What can I do if my key does not insert or it keeps on withdrawing? Sometimes, it’s even hard to turn it.

The first thing you can do is to spray your key with WD-40 or any light penetrating oil. This kind of oil is available in hardware stores, supermarkets and drug stores. You can spray as much as you can but you need to have a paper towel ready to get rid of excess oils. The ideal part to spray is on the bolt mechanism or the keyhole. To allow the oil to soak into the lock, move the bolt in and out.

I misplaced by car keys.

A key code is available for that. The code is available if you are the one who originally buys the keys. The code is usually presented on the original copy of the bill of sale which you might keep but, if you already lost it, you can ask the dealer for a copy. Sometimes, these codes are written on the front of the owner’s manual. Using a key code, you can save time instead of purchasing key fitted to your car. To get the code for your car, you can pay $20.

I have trouble differentiating master keying from rekey.

Rekeying is the process of adjusting the tumblers of an existing lock to allow new keys to unlock it. People fail to realize that the key they have been using for their home a long time ago can also be accessed by their neighbors, friends, and other people. Most locksmiths are capable of re-keying your lock so that you can have exclusive access to your domain.

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